Listening to the citizens of Oceanside and working hard on their behalf is what our city council is intended to achieve, but continued conflict on council remains an obstacle that stifle's our city and it's community needs, I will bring a fresh voice to Oceanside, one that is not bought by outside interests and vow to serve no more than two terms on council.

Encouraging Economic Development
Small business is the backbone of our economy. As the owner of two Oceanside based small businesses, Amber understands the issues that face small business owners and will work to make Oceanside a more friendly place for entrepreneurs to seek the American Dream.

Promoting Safe Access and Patient’s Rights
Oceanside residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of safe access to cannabis based medications with the passage of Prop 64 in 2016. Still, our city council has not gotten their act together to put in place sensible regulations which allow residents to have safe access as guaranteed under state law. If Oceanside had adopted Adult Use transactions and sales after Prop 64, the city would have additional revenue sorely needed during the COVID economic downturn. Instead, our city representatives have continued their prohibition stance, leaving money in the streets that only serves to fund a thriving illicit market.

Building An Inclusive Community
Love. Respect. Equality. These are the principles by which Amber lives her life. These same principles will guide her conduct as a councilmember. Amber will fight to ensure that Oceanside remains a city that is welcoming to a diverse population including communities of color, people of faith regardless of their religion, and of course our LGBTQ+ community.

Fighting Traffic Congestion and Repairing Infrastructure
Oceanside recently passed a 0.5% sales tax to address infrastructure concerns in our city. Amber intends to keep our council accountable to city residents by ensuring that this money is used to address the problems it was intended to fix and not diverted to other areas.

Combating the Root Causes of Homelessness
Rampant homelessness is a quality of life issue for everyone, not only those experiencing homelessness themselves. More importantly, it’s no secret that homelessness is on the rise in Oceanside. Our city government must take an active role in helping to devise regional solutions to combat the causes of homelessness. Our first act must be to address mental illness in our homeless community by working closely with Tri-City and other organizations that offer these services.

Economic Recovery
COVID-19 has taken it’s toll on our small businesses and economy and will require a level head and business experience to assist in the recovery. Amber has owned and operated her own ventures including a cannabis collective operating under California SB420, and navigated the turbulent waters of COVID-19, both of which gives Amber a unique insight and experience not afforded to many business, it’s this experience that will be vital as Oceanside’s economy forges through months if not years of recovery.

Climate Stabilization
When we talk about our climate, we talk about it passionately because we know there needs to be more efforts to solve climate change. Climate stabilization needs to start with vehicles and the harmful emissions created by internal combustion engines. Amber believes more incentives should be given to businesses that offer low or no emission vehicles and products as we work to reduce the yearly rising level of CO2 in our atmosphere.

Term Limits

I support term limits, if I am lucky enough to be elected in November, I will serve no more than two terms.