Hailing from Wyoming, which is officially known as The Equality State, Amber learned the value of compassion, hard work, and personal sacrifice early in life. Amber credits this foundation with preparing her to be a self-made entrepreneur, engaged activist, and an involved mom. Ever since arriving in Oceanside 15 years ago, Amber has made it her mission to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Amber started her first business in 1999 selling women’s clothing and shoes online, and moved that business to Oceanside in 2005. As the former owner of A Soothing Seed cannabis nursery, a non profit mutual benefit corporation, Amber has fought tirelessly for patient’s rights to safe access to cannabis based medications. Her willingness to fight for the needs of Oceansiders is severely lacking in our current council, and Amber hopes to be the driving force in producing positive and lasting change for the better.

As a member of the Oceanside Charitable Foundation and board member of the Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation Amber is deeply involved in supporting local nonprofits that enrich the community and in increasing the visibility of our thriving local art scene. She and her partner David are also regular donors to the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Fund which helps Oceanside’s next generation of community leaders meet their goals of attaining a college education.

Amber is proud to note that her son Cameron is amongst the next generation of local small business owners. In order to protect and promote that future for Cameron and all of our children, Amber is making strides to ensure that our city is gearing our economic development efforts toward encouraging the success and proliferation of locally owned small business.

Amber currently resides in the Fire Mountain area with her partner David.

Learn more about Amber’s goals for office by clicking here.